One Shirt, 2 Ways

Gigis Bluffton - Friday, May 16, 2014

At Gigi's Boutique, we like to get a lot of value for our money.  It's a bummer to buy something and only be able to wear it once or twice. This is why we are always on the look out for pieces to add to our wardrobe that can be worn often, in multiple ways.  Buy one shirt, wear it hundreds of times, but do it without people noticing it -- this is the goal! 

Take this Lilla P shirt. Our fabulous Gigi's Girl, Paige, has styled it with white jeans, wedges, and a blazer. This is a great look for work in the Lowcountry.  She's completely transformed the same shirt for for a casual, around town beachy look.  One shirt worn two ways! 

Since the shirt is high quality cotton fabric and will last for a long time, finding various ways to wear this shirt makes good fashion (and wallet) sense.  The way you style a piece will always have a dramatic effect on your look too.  Take this necklace, for example.  It's really elevates a t-shirt, doesn't it?  You could pair the shirt with a fedora, a scarf, a cardigan... play with it for different looks! 

The Gigi's Girls absolutely love playing around with different outfits in store and are happy to help come up with multiple ways to wear one piece.  Finding a look that can work in a variety of ways is something we love to do. Come see us so we can play dress up soon!