Tips for Finding Shorts

Gigis Bluffton - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wearing shorts helps us beat the heat here in the Lowcountry and are a fun and fashionable alternative to the ubiquitous dress. Finding the right pair of shorts however, is sometimes a tricky task.  And making your legs ready for shorts can also take some work!  Today we have a few ways to help find the right shorts, get your legs ready, and of course, Gigi's Boutique in Bluffton has style ideas for you too! (Dozens and dozens of short styles!) 

Finding the right shorts can be a lot like finding the right pair of jeans or every day shoes. You have to try them on to know. Choose a length that you feel comfortable in and when looking at sizes, it's better to buy up than down as you will want to feel comfortable sitting down, bending over, and ensuring they aren't too short.  

Bermuda shorts are longer, slim fitting, straight and can be very flattering on those that have larger thighs. If you have very slender legs (lucky you!), you can opt for high waisted shorts or shorts that have pockets  Shorts that have lots of patterns work for all body types -- it's finding the right size and wearing a solid top that matters most here.  

Gigi's has a wide selection of shorts from which to choose at a variety of prices and styles. Our Gigi's girls will help you select the ones that will look best on you (we love playing dress up!).  Here are a few of our favorite styles this summer! 

When you've found the shorts you feel confident in, here are four tips to make your legs look great. 

  • Get a close shave! (Did we state the obvious?) Use a new razor, shaving cream, and get your shave on! 
  • Moisturize immediately after you get out of the shower, but then again before heading out! 
  • Some say that tan legs look better than pale legs. You be the judge! 
  • Elongate your legs in shorts by wearing heels.  You don't need stilettos here but a wedge or slight heel will help make your legs look leaner. 
  • Do 500 leg presses before bed every night. Just kidding. Your legs are perfect (and who has time for that?!) 
We hope to see you soon at Gigi's Boutique in Bluffton
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